Ideas for Baby’s Party

Organizing a baby party is a great idea but it will be quite hard for parents. Indeed, every parent does not want their children to miss jokes, jumping houses, circling wooden horses or sliding on intestinal troughs. However, to have a memorable party, you don’t need to be a talented party organizer.

How to make your child’s party a special event, not an ordinary event held every year. Of course you can also alternate birthday parties for children.

Organize a party for children like?

First, think that this is a party for your children, not a party to brag to other parents. With that in mind, you will feel that everything becomes easier. Let’s organize the party in a simple way. At any age, children can organize themselves without having to be guided by their parents.


Food is one of the most important things at the party.

No one will attend a party without expecting it to serve food. Sometimes parents stay with their children.

You should prepare food for them. Hand food such as hot dogs, cakes, dips or fast food is usually suitable for adults at the party. If possible, prepare dishes for parents that fit the theme of the party because adults like the party just like children. They also do not overly consider if the food is not good.

Sometimes the party for children is also a place to meet and exchange among parents through a few beers .. However, because this is a party for children adults need to limit the level of drinking alcohol. Nobody likes to see the sight of drunk parents running around with their children.

Depending on the age you choose what food is suitable for the party. The party is a fun place, so even if you are a nutritionist, you should be a little bit easy to be flexible about choosing sugary foods or play dishes. For older children, eat to create emotions rather than to fill.

Before you choose food, you should call other parents to ask if their child has any food allergies. For example, if any child is allergic to beans, it is best not to cook food with beans. Note that foods like popcorn, beans and some toys are easy to choke. Please note that when eating, you should take a seat, do not run around playing.

Food for children 1 year old birthday

One-year-old babies do not need a lot of sugar or candy. Sometimes these foods also make the baby have abdominal pain. So just feeding your baby bread, fruit jelly, grapes, fresh fruit smoothies is enough. Cake with jelly and fruit was chosen by many parents for this party. Need to provide spring water and juice for the baby.

Shreds of chocolate, bread, small muffins with fruit, yogurt and jelly, chopped vegetables with sauces, accompanied by spring water and fruit juice.

Birthday cake with many different shapes will always make your baby love. Choose cupcakes with cereal and colorful decorations. You can see a few suggestions at baby food recipes.

Fruit sandwiches are also an interesting option. Add watermelon, yellow melon, grapes and pineapple to make the dish more delicious.

Number of guests for the party

You should think in advance that you want to organize birthday parties for children big or small. Sometimes you can invite the same number of guests as your child’s age. For example, this year your child turns two, you will invite two guests, and so on for the next year. You can invite more guests if you want. When your children are older, you should consult your children. Sometimes your child wants to invite a whole class or group of friends, rather than invite some friends. In this case, you should hold a party at the park rather than at home.

Food ideas for toddlers

Small pizza, homemade sausages, vegetables cut into small pieces with dipping sauces. Popcorn, chocolate crumbs, pizza, cheese, cherry tomatoes, shredded ham or pineapple slices are one of the great options for this age group.

In the morning, you can make small bread with chicken fillets, ham, salads and eggs Don’t forget to go to the stationery store to buy small gifts such as pencils, erasers, craft paper, or the like. Toy balls to give to the guests when they leave the party.

Fruit shaved ice is a great choice to recharge your baby. Choose small ice packs of flavors and colors. It will be interesting if you can make your own shaved ice for the party.

You can also entice your guests to make pizza with different topping options and ready-made base. It will be interesting if you offer prizes for the best pizza. Make sure you have enough baking time and return it to the baker before they leave the party.

Serve spring water at the party. Other types of soft drinks may not be necessary because they make it easier for your baby to stop eating your delicious food.

Party games for kids

Party games are usually not so rigid about the rules. The more interested children are, the faster they become tired and whiny. Design the rules so that all children can participate in a fun way. Encourage shy children (often in the corner of the yard) to join with other children.

Do not hesitate to buy slightly expensive balloons (because many cheap bubbles often blow up slightly). Plaited bunches of bubbles are often more impressive than separate. In front of the party gate, hang some balloons. If you find that blowing bubbles takes too long, ask other parents for help.

Some games like treasure hunt are always a great choice. To ensure the safety of your baby, please note the scope of play. Let a few parents help ensure their children play safely.

Another game with balloons is also very interesting. Write funny ideas on small sheets of paper, then put them in a bubble before pumping. Let them sit one at a time until the bubble burst. They will then read the written request and follow the request.

Party ideas for babies, toddlers and kids to school

The ideal time to organize a party is before or after napping.

Take photos of the giver, or record your wishes or notes as to why they chose the gift for your baby. This is a cute fortune that she can later open and read messages from people.

Face painting game is also very interesting and is a choice for young children. Let your parents be creative in drawing on the faces of their angels.

Set up a table with tools such as glue, bristles, glitter, glitter stickers, and cut-out masks for kids to decorate.

For older children, they often like to dress up in a certain theme, like pirates, princesses, fairies, superheroes, beach clothes or cowboys. Let your parents join in and you will find yourself interested.

You can also ask each guest to predict the number of lollipops in the party. The most accurate prediction will be awarded.

For toddlers, a picnic with teddy bears always brings sweet moments. Parents always feel happy when they take off their unkempt bear’s head to see their child’s face. Let the babies transform into little cubs, and don’t leave little cubs in the party!

Drawing on t-shirts is also a very interesting activity. Ask your parents to bring a t-shirt. Place on the table at the party some colors and brushes, enticing the children to participate. If you do this at the beginning of the party, the shirt will dry up so the kids can take it home.

Please ask all children to bring a photo of their childhood. Spread the photos in the yard and ask them to stitch the pictures with them.