How Can Kids Stay Safe at Home?

One of the top concerns of parents with young children is how to arrange a space for living and playing following the child’s psychology. Therefore, it develops their imagination, learning, and creative skills at the same time to ensure the health of children.

The basic principles

When choosing furniture, fabrics, and items to arrange in a child’s room. Make sure that all surfaces and their materials are from non-toxic components and are compatible with your baby’s age. Furniture placed away from windows and shelves to keep children safe while playing. Minimize the following items within the reach of children:

– Things having many sharp corners or edges.

– Small-sized objects that are swallowed easily.

– Fragile items.

– Items that are too hot, have a high temperature may cause burns.

– Items attached to electrical wires.

Some carpets, curtains or wallpaper can spread some gases or synthetic fibers that can contaminate the air in a room, harming the baby’s lungs and airways. Therefore, the design of the child’s room should ensure that the inside air circulated, ventilated, and filtered out of the dirt.

We should make room surfaces of materials that can easily get cleaned without the use of cleaning agents that can be dangerous for children. Prefer materials that limit the adhesion or accumulation of germs, bacteria, and dirt.

Furniture, beds, and wardrobes should size appropriately for children. For example, the chair should size so that the baby can sit easily and comfortably, without having to struggle or be afraid of falling whenever getting on or off the chair. Similarly, a dining table or study table should be of a suitable height so that the child can sit in the correct posture and not to lean over. Tables and chairs must be durable so that children can use them for a long time, which avoids breakage or crack while using.How Can Kids Stay Safe at Home

Safe bedroom

Choose a crib suitable for children: Cribs need to meet the latest design standards for safety so that children can lie and move comfortably without fear of falling or stuck.

Baby loungers: It’s such a versatile and essential baby gear. It keeps your babe safe and comfortable. Its lightweight, it has a contoured base that keeps your baby cozy. Best baby loungers deeply contoured to help your baby lean securely with a snug feeling. It keeps the baby in an upright position, which is perfect for relieving reflux and also aids in breathing better.

Protect children from the risk of falling

“The crib should be high enough and the mattress should be low enough so that the child cannot climb out in a standing position,” Dr. Hoffman said. According to him, if the child’s room is upstairs and has windows, we need to lock the window tightly or replace it with a glass frame that is closed and fixed so that the child cannot open or climb out by themselves.

Ensuring fire safety

Here are some recommendations from the American Fire Protection Association:

  • Install smoke alarms inside a child’s room and outside the hallway throughout the room.
  • If your child’s room is on the second floor, make an emergency staircase near the window and show older children how to use it in an emergency.
  • Teach children how to handle emergencies in the home and agree on an easy-to-find location outside the home so family members can easily run out in case of fire.

Be careful with wires

Statistics show that wires near windows are one of the leading causes of suffocation accidents among young children. “Don’t put electrical cords or power outlets near windows,” says designer Nancy Barrett of the American Association of Interior Designers. If not, you can arrange additional equipment to cover the wire or update the latest technology related to wire safety.How Can Kids Stay Safe at Home

Electrical  outlet coverage

Child-related accidents are not uncommon. According to Dr. Hoffman, the best solution is to make sure the power outlet is always in the state with the device covered. Whenever you need the plugin, make sure that the cords firmly plugged together with a full cover so that your child cannot pull the cord keeping their hands in the wall socket.

Eliminate any cause of choking on your child: “Any object that is small enough gets swallowed can be dangerous for the child,” Dr. Hoffman warned.

Finally, babies will grow quickly. Therefore, prioritize flexible and cost-effective solutions for children’s room designs. Make sure your baby’s room is large enough to have enough room for future changes in your child’s age.