First Time Being a Parent

When people around you know that you are about to have a baby, or when your baby has grown so well that everyone notices, everyone wants to share their experience with you – the one who is about to be a first-time parent. first. Don’t worry when you’re caught up in those heartfelt advice, so will anyone who is about to become a parent! There is a lot to think about when you start a new family.

Let’s start with the basics below, they will help you better understand your new role as a first-time parent.

First Time Being a Parent

Your parents influence the teaching of your children

The way you raise children is often influenced by your own parents. We subconsciously recall our childhood and learn from what our parents have taught us to form the basis for our own parenting.

Prepare financially

Of course, when you have children, you will have to change your way of life and how to use family funds. Think about each period of the child’s life – from birth to adulthood and college – and estimate the additional costs you’ll be responsible for.

Don’t spend too much on your newborn

Being a parent is always a very happy feeling and experience. This can cause you to shop a little uncontrollably for your baby. Remember that your baby will grow very quickly in the first years of life and will not be able to use up everything you buy. So please consider carefully when shopping for your baby.

Start opening a savings account for your child

The best way to teach your children how to spend and value money is by using real examples from yourself. If you open your baby at a bank account from an early age, you can use it to show your child how profitable money is, and you also teach him the value of accumulating money. through time.

What kind of person do you want your child to be?

First Time Being a Parent

Not what career your child will choose, but their values ​​and attitudes in life. Think about what kind of person your child will become, such as being generous, outgoing, and also think about their religious or spiritual beliefs.

Your child’s first role model

You are your child’s first role model. So you know yourself, and be yourself, realize that you are the first role model of your child and therefore also have the most powerful influence on the first years of life and the development of your child.

Learn from your children

Parenting is a two-way process. It is not only you teach and guide your children, but also things you can learn from them. There are fathers and mothers who say that the most valuable thing about being a parent is that they continually discover themselves thanks to their children.

Balance between mentoring and freedom

Find a balance between mentoring and letting your child explore his or her own path. For example, instead of worrying that your child is still unable to crawl even after 12 months, it is better to take care of your own personal development steps. Letting your children learn on their own will help them learn more than you can give them.

Health care plan for your child

Make good healthcare plans for your child. Keep in mind the milestones that need to be vaccinated from birth to adolescence. Refer to the immunization chart and schedule a time for your child to get the required shots. You should also think about a separate health insurance package for your child, or register your baby’s name in the family insurance plan.