How Can Kids Stay Safe at Home

How Can Kids Stay Safe at Home?

One of the top concerns of parents with young children is how to arrange a space for living and playing following the child’s psychology. Therefore, it develops their imagination, learning, and creative skills at the same time to ensure the health of children.

The basic principles

When choosing furniture, fabrics, and items to arrange in a child’s room. Make sure that all surfaces and their materials are from non-toxic components and are compatible with your baby’s age. Furniture placed away from windows and shelves to keep children safe while playing. Minimize the following items within the reach of children:

– Things having many sharp corners or edges.

– Small-sized objects that are swallowed easily.

– Fragile items.

– Items that are too hot, have a high temperature may cause burns.

– Items attached to electrical wires.

Some carpets, curtains or wallpaper can spread some gases or synthetic fibers that can contaminate the air in a room, harming the baby’s lungs and airways. Therefore, the design of the child’s room should ensure that the inside air circulated, ventilated, and filtered out of the dirt.

We should make room surfaces of materials that can easily get cleaned without the use of cleaning agents that can be dangerous for children. Prefer materials that limit the adhesion or accumulation of germs, bacteria, and dirt.

Furniture, beds, and wardrobes should size appropriately for children. For example, the chair should size so that the baby can sit easily and comfortably, without having to struggle or be afraid of falling whenever getting on or off the chair. Similarly, a dining table or study table should be of a suitable height so that the child can sit in the correct posture and not to lean over. Tables and chairs must be durable so that children can use them for a long time, which avoids breakage or crack while using.How Can Kids Stay Safe at Home

Safe bedroom

Choose a crib suitable for children: Cribs need to meet the latest design standards for safety so that children can lie and move comfortably without fear of falling or stuck.

Baby loungers: It’s such a versatile and essential baby gear. It keeps your babe safe and comfortable. Its lightweight, it has a contoured base that keeps your baby cozy. Best baby loungers deeply contoured to help your baby lean securely with a snug feeling. It keeps the baby in an upright position, which is perfect for relieving reflux and also aids in breathing better.

Protect children from the risk of falling

“The crib should be high enough and the mattress should be low enough so that the child cannot climb out in a standing position,” Dr. Hoffman said. According to him, if the child’s room is upstairs and has windows, we need to lock the window tightly or replace it with a glass frame that is closed and fixed so that the child cannot open or climb out by themselves.

Ensuring fire safety

Here are some recommendations from the American Fire Protection Association:

  • Install smoke alarms inside a child’s room and outside the hallway throughout the room.
  • If your child’s room is on the second floor, make an emergency staircase near the window and show older children how to use it in an emergency.
  • Teach children how to handle emergencies in the home and agree on an easy-to-find location outside the home so family members can easily run out in case of fire.

Be careful with wires

Statistics show that wires near windows are one of the leading causes of suffocation accidents among young children. “Don’t put electrical cords or power outlets near windows,” says designer Nancy Barrett of the American Association of Interior Designers. If not, you can arrange additional equipment to cover the wire or update the latest technology related to wire safety.How Can Kids Stay Safe at Home

Electrical  outlet coverage

Child-related accidents are not uncommon. According to Dr. Hoffman, the best solution is to make sure the power outlet is always in the state with the device covered. Whenever you need the plugin, make sure that the cords firmly plugged together with a full cover so that your child cannot pull the cord keeping their hands in the wall socket.

Eliminate any cause of choking on your child: “Any object that is small enough gets swallowed can be dangerous for the child,” Dr. Hoffman warned.

Finally, babies will grow quickly. Therefore, prioritize flexible and cost-effective solutions for children’s room designs. Make sure your baby’s room is large enough to have enough room for future changes in your child’s age.

What Good Habits Should Be Taught from an Early Age?

For your baby to develop physically and mentally, what you need to do to lead your child in the right direction right now. There are good living habits you need to train your baby from an early age so that when he is a little older, he can do it himself until he grows up.

Parents must be the guide

Children start life as a white paper. They don’t have years of experience resisting their cravings for sweet chocolate and sleepy mornings so they don’t have to exercise every day. But “habits are essential,” according to pediatrician Wendy Sue Swanson. What parents do now can help their children turn habits into real life that they will do without thinking. These habits will follow children throughout their lives. Here are the habits that mothers should practice for their children, of course, with mothers acting as “guides”.

Have breakfast

Experts talk a lot about this for one reason: breakfast is the most important meal, giving your child energy throughout the morning. Therefore, you should wake your child up early enough to give them time to have breakfast before going to school. “Healthy children who eat breakfast regularly absorb more calcium from milk,” says Dr. Melina Jampolis, a dietitian. Choose oatmeal with a glass of milk or whole grain for a perfect start each morning.

Maintain a healthy diet

Children are healthy by choosing the right foods when they eat, meaning those foods are less refined and fresh, more colorful. “As well as adults, children should eat more fruits and vegetables as well as low-fat dairy,” Jampolis noted. Children should limit the use of fast food, light, and salty dry foods, as well as packaged foods and foods with added sugars.

Listen to the stomach

When eating, mothers should teach children to listen to the pain of an empty stomach. If children can learn to follow the rhythm with the stomach, they will not be “tempted” to eat too much or bluff. “A child’s job is to eat on an empty stomach and stop when he is full,” Swanson reminded. Parents will decide what to feed the child. If good choices are made, and the child eats with the family, and the parents set a good example in eating, the child will imitate it.

Brush your teeth

According to Swanson, most hygienic habits do not go to the point of causing health problems if children do not follow them. But oral hygiene is especially necessary. Starting at 12 months of age, children need to be brushed with fluoride toothpaste. Children have to brush their teeth twice a day, and you need to help them until they are in grade 2. You also need to make sure they brush their teeth regularly and properly until they are 7 or 8 years old and they will keep this habit forever.

Health check

Children need to see their doctor regularly to make sure they have healthy body development and proper vaccination. According to Swanson, children need to have regular checkups every year right from kindergarten and start going to school. Vaccines are updated every year, so you should also check this information. Sometimes booster or booster injections can be adjusted, so many families still believe their children have been fully vaccinated but are not. Besides, currently, seasonal flu vaccinations are recommended for children aged 6 months of age each year. The easiest way to remember is to schedule your child for a checkup at the beginning of each school year.

Limit the amount of time your child sits with the screen

With everything in today’s technology life, from TVs to tablets, kids almost use screens 24/7. Healthy children do not sit in front of the screen often. “Create opportunities for children to interact and not distract attention from the beginning of their lives,” Swanson suggested. You should limit the time your child sits in front of screen types under 2 hours a day.

Exercise regularly

Throw away the technological toys. Healthy children avoid sitting screen by exercising regularly with extracurricular activities, especially sports. “Children will have higher levels of physical activity,” Jampolis said. Healthy children are also more active and will participate in sports teams inside and outside the school, so the “calendar” will be more closed, fun physical activities permeate the lives of children. Register your child to participate in sports teams. Keep your child active as much as possible.

Live in love with nature

Encourage your child to participate in extracurricular activities by “showing respect for tranquility and downtime,” Swanson said. Find a time to exercise and enjoy the feeling of immersing yourself in nature every day. Walk your child in the park with you or simply explore the fallen leaves in your yard.

Sleep a lot

Sleep, sleep, and sleep. Developing children need a lot more sleep than you would otherwise like. Establish a bedtime schedule and force your child to follow it. Normally, school-age children need about 10 hours of sleep, teenagers need between 8 and a half hours or 9 mặc hours although this can be a bit difficult. Encourage your child to sleep many times at an early age, so as they grow older they will understand the feeling of getting enough sleep each day better.

Happy mood

Make sure your children control the emotions of life. Children must participate in activities that help relieve psychology, these are the best medicine to help children deal with problems in life. It is important that children feel happy. Sickness problems are often overlooked in children, but these need special attention from parents. While this is often not so much that it requires medical treatment, the cause of the distress needs to be considered. It is like a vicious cycle, a child is upset, eats a lot, is sedentary, and feels low in self-confidence about his weight. Since then, children may not play sports and extracurricular activities that they still enjoyed earlier.

If the child is mentally ill, it is necessary to determine why. Plan activities to “cover” your child’s schedule, and take your child to see a doctor if he or she feels down close to each other.

Psychological Preparation for Childbirth

Psychological Preparation for Childbirth

How to do to feel comfortable giving birth

Most mothers wait for the birth of their children with thrilled emotions and joy. Even when pregnancy is quite tiring and heavy, the thoughts about the child help them through long days of morning sickness.

But for many mothers there are many feelings of anxiety and fear. Join me in finding out the causes of these worries and how to prepare yourself before birth.

Common concerns of mothers when giving birth

  • Psychological anxiety is not specific.
  • Worry about the pain and how to overcome it.
  • The previous birth is not smooth.
  • Questions such as whether your child is developing well? Am I alright? And what if the mother or the child is not okay?
  • Concerned about what her husband would look like when he saw him in pain.
  • Concerned about possible changes in the future in the relationship husband and wife. For example, does your husband still find himself attractive?
  • Worrying about the painful image of labor will become unattractive and ridiculous.
  • Concerned about losing control.
  • Not sure what to do and sometimes silly.
  • Concerned about the physical changes from birth as physique.Psychological Preparation for Childbirth

    Should not be too worried at birth

    A little nervous is also normal. However, if you worry too much, it is also worrying.

    Be aware that:

    • Too much worrying about having a baby will affect your daily life.
    • If you’re constantly worried you won’t be able to think about anything else.
    • Anxiety is too easy to cause sleep disorders, have nightmares, wake up midway and cannot sleep again.
    • Too much stress also makes you eat bad.
    • Not excited about being pregnant and not sharing affection with your baby.
    • Feeling angry toward your baby or husband.
    • Do not want to have a normal cesarean birth. This is quite common with those who are too worried about labor and delivery.
    • Obsessed with childbirth

    Some women are too worried about having a baby and are diagnosed with a syndrome of fear of childbirth, also known as Tocophobia. An estimated 6-10% of women suffer from this syndrome. Research shows that with this small percentage, they are at risk of mental health problems compared to other pregnant women of the same age.

    The fear of having a baby often appears in women who have had trouble giving birth before. These cases require a mental health professional with counseling before and after birth to help overcome that fear.

    How to feel comfortable giving birth?

    Being mentally prepared before giving birth will help you worry less during pregnancy. Find out as much as you can about the signs of labor, childbirth and recovery after birth. The mentality of wanting to give birth rather than fear will also help you feel more comfortable.

    • Talk to your midwife, obstetrician or health care professional about your worries and they will help you overcome them.
    • Share your worries with your husband, relatives and friends. They will share their experiences and make you more comfortable.
    • Avoid listening to bad stories about childbirth.
    • Plan your child carefully and prepare for unexpected situations. Remember, you don’t have complete control of labor and delivery that the doctors will help you with.
    • Attend additional classes on reproductive knowledge.
    • Trust in the doctor. They have systems and procedures to ensure the safest for mothers and babies.
    • Do not be afraid to ask questions. If you feel confused, uncertain, scared or worried, please share that with your midwife / obstetrician. Stress will make you uncomfortable during childbirth.
    • Learn information about labor, delivery, pain relief and postpartum recovery.
    • Take relaxation classes like yoga, relax muscles, participate in education, meditation and massage.

    Always remember that childbirth is normal, and it is happening every day to everyone. Although the individual experience is limited, but with the whole process, it’s completely normal.


The meaning of pain at birth

Pain in childbirth also has its meaning and value. No one wants to fall into an uncontrollable state. But what happens during labor is not in our control. But one thing is certain: the pains will end. The pain of labor is only in a certain period of time and the baby will be born. If you know your labor ends, you will feel better.Psychological Preparation for Childbirth

Measures to reduce pain at birth

Some women accept pain during labor to have a baby. They considered it a natural thing and did not want any intervention. But others are not. How we can handle the pain is everyone’s business. This person cannot be compared with others. But to avoid this feeling, you can choose a number of methods to help ease your pain.

Here are some methods to help relieve pain during labor:

  • Nitrous oxide combines with air.
  • Pethidine pain relievers.
  • Epidural anesthesia.
  • TENS machine
  • Hypnosis.
  • Relax.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Apply heat.
  • Massage.
  • Aromatherapy.
  • Deep breath.
  • Imagine.
  • Music.

Psychological Preparation for ChildbirthWhat to do to No longer worry about labor

Practicing birth exercises to get used to them, you can practice with your husband. Often we worry about problems that we do not fully understand.

Exercise regularly. Unless there’s a reason why you shouldn’t exercise during labor.

Focus on imagining something. Many women find themselves in an almost pristine state during labor. Put all your energy into your body and believe that your body will know what to do.

Bring an iPod or a favorite CD, some perfume or perfume into the delivery room with you. All senses remain active during labor, and this is a very sensitive time.

You can ask your husband to go to the delivery room with you or anyone you feel comfortable with to help you feel better, but you need to consider the number of patients allowed in the delivery room.

Think about your baby and imagine your baby is in labor with you too. Try to think that, after this pain, everything will be fine.

Try to relax between contractions. Feeling stress only adds to the discomfort and you should take advantage of that time to rest.

Focus on the upcoming contractions, not thinking about the next ones. Endure each attack, one attack at a time.

Do not be afraid or embarrassed to the doctor or midwife about what they see and hear. If you need to grumble, yell, pinch or all that, then just do it.

Remember that expectations about childbirth are not the same as reality. That’s why you need to plan carefully when you have a baby.

First Time Being a Parent

First Time Being a Parent

When people around you know that you are about to have a baby, or when your baby has grown so well that everyone notices, everyone wants to share their experience with you – the one who is about to be a first-time parent. first. Don’t worry when you’re caught up in those heartfelt advice, so will anyone who is about to become a parent! There is a lot to think about when you start a new family.

Let’s start with the basics below, they will help you better understand your new role as a first-time parent.First Time Being a Parent

Your parents influence the teaching of your children

The way you raise children is often influenced by your own parents. We subconsciously recall our childhood and learn from what our parents have taught us to form the basis for our own parenting.

Prepare financially

Of course, when you have children, you will have to change your way of life and how to use family funds. Think about each period of the child’s life – from birth to adulthood and college – and estimate the additional costs you’ll be responsible for.

Don’t spend too much on your newborn

Being a parent is always a very happy feeling and experience. This can cause you to shop a little uncontrollably for your baby. Remember that your baby will grow very quickly in the first years of life and will not be able to use up everything you buy. So please consider carefully when shopping for your baby.

Start opening a savings account for your child

The best way to teach your children how to spend and value money is by using real examples from yourself. If you open your baby at a bank account from an early age, you can use it to show your child how profitable money is, and you also teach him the value of accumulating money. through time.

What kind of person do you want your child to be?First Time Being a Parent

Your parents influence the teaching of your children

The way you raise children is often influenced by your own parents. We subconsciously recall our childhood and learn from what our parents have taught us to form the basis for our own parenting.

Prepare financially

Of course, when you have children, you will have to change your way of life and how to use family funds. Think about each period of the child’s life – from birth to adulthood and college – and estimate the additional costs you’ll be responsible for.

Don’t spend too much on your newborn

Being a parent is always a very happy feeling and experience. This can cause you to shop a little uncontrollably for your baby. Remember that your baby will grow very quickly in the first years of life and will not be able to use up everything you buy. So please consider carefully when shopping for your baby.

Start opening a savings account for your child

The best way to teach your children how to spend and value money is by using real examples from yourself. If you open your baby at a bank account from an early age, you can use it to show your child how profitable money is, and you also teach him the value of accumulating money. through time.

What kind of person do you want your child to be?

Not what career your child will choose, but their values ​​and attitudes in life. Think about what kind of person your child will become, such as being generous, outgoing, and also think about their religious or spiritual beliefs.

Your child’s first role model

You are your child’s first role model. So you know yourself, and be yourself, realize that you are the first role model of your child and therefore also have the most powerful influence on the first years of life and the development of your child.

Learn from your children

Parenting is a two-way process. It is not only you teach and guide your children, but also things you can learn from them. There are fathers and mothers who say that the most valuable thing about being a parent is that they continually discover themselves thanks to their children.

Balance between mentoring and freedom

Find a balance between mentoring and letting your child explore his or her own path. For example, instead of worrying that your child is still unable to crawl even after 12 months, it is better to take care of your own personal development steps. Letting your children learn on their own will help them learn more than you can give them.

Health care plan for your child

Make good healthcare plans for your child. Keep in mind the milestones that need to be vaccinated from birth to adolescence. Refer to the immunization chart and schedule a time for your child to get the required shots. You should also think about a separate health insurance package for your child, or register your baby’s name in the family insurance plan.

Ideas for Baby’s Party

Ideas for Baby’s Party

Organizing a baby party is a great idea but it will be quite hard for parents. Indeed, every parent does not want their children to miss jokes, jumping houses, circling wooden horses or sliding on intestinal troughs. However, to have a memorable party, you don’t need to be a talented party organizer.

How to make your child’s party a special event, not an ordinary event held every year. Of course you can also alternate birthday parties for children.

Organize a party for children like?

First, think that this is a party for your children, not a party to brag to other parents. With that in mind, you will feel that everything becomes easier. Let’s organize the party in a simple way. At any age, children can organize themselves without having to be guided by their parents.


Food is one of the most important things at the party.

No one will attend a party without expecting it to serve food. Sometimes parents stay with their children.

You should prepare food for them. Hand food such as hot dogs, cakes, dips or fast food is usually suitable for adults at the party. If possible, prepare dishes for parents that fit the theme of the party because adults like the party just like children. They also do not overly consider if the food is not good.

Sometimes the party for children is also a place to meet and exchange among parents through a few beers .. However, because this is a party for children adults need to limit the level of drinking alcohol. Nobody likes to see the sight of drunk parents running around with their children.

Depending on the age you choose what food is suitable for the party. The party is a fun place, so even if you are a nutritionist, you should be a little bit easy to be flexible about choosing sugary foods or play dishes. For older children, eat to create emotions rather than to fill.

Before you choose food, you should call other parents to ask if their child has any food allergies. For example, if any child is allergic to beans, it is best not to cook food with beans. Note that foods like popcorn, beans and some toys are easy to choke. Please note that when eating, you should take a seat, do not run around playing.

Food for children 1 year old birthday

One-year-old babies do not need a lot of sugar or candy. Sometimes these foods also make the baby have abdominal pain. So just feeding your baby bread, fruit jelly, grapes, fresh fruit smoothies is enough. Cake with jelly and fruit was chosen by many parents for this party. Need to provide spring water and juice for the baby.

Shreds of chocolate, bread, small muffins with fruit, yogurt and jelly, chopped vegetables with sauces, accompanied by spring water and fruit juice.

Birthday cake with many different shapes will always make your baby love. Choose cupcakes with cereal and colorful decorations. You can see a few suggestions at baby food recipes.

Fruit sandwiches are also an interesting option. Add watermelon, yellow melon, grapes and pineapple to make the dish more delicious.

Number of guests for the party

You should think in advance that you want to organize birthday parties for children big or small. Sometimes you can invite the same number of guests as your child’s age. For example, this year your child turns two, you will invite two guests, and so on for the next year. You can invite more guests if you want. When your children are older, you should consult your children. Sometimes your child wants to invite a whole class or group of friends, rather than invite some friends. In this case, you should hold a party at the park rather than at home.

Food ideas for toddlers

Small pizza, homemade sausages, vegetables cut into small pieces with dipping sauces. Popcorn, chocolate crumbs, pizza, cheese, cherry tomatoes, shredded ham or pineapple slices are one of the great options for this age group.

In the morning, you can make small bread with chicken fillets, ham, salads and eggs Don’t forget to go to the stationery store to buy small gifts such as pencils, erasers, craft paper, or the like. Toy balls to give to the guests when they leave the party.

Fruit shaved ice is a great choice to recharge your baby. Choose small ice packs of flavors and colors. It will be interesting if you can make your own shaved ice for the party.

You can also entice your guests to make pizza with different topping options and ready-made base. It will be interesting if you offer prizes for the best pizza. Make sure you have enough baking time and return it to the baker before they leave the party.

Serve spring water at the party. Other types of soft drinks may not be necessary because they make it easier for your baby to stop eating your delicious food.

Party games for kids

Party games are usually not so rigid about the rules. The more interested children are, the faster they become tired and whiny. Design the rules so that all children can participate in a fun way. Encourage shy children (often in the corner of the yard) to join with other children.

Do not hesitate to buy slightly expensive balloons (because many cheap bubbles often blow up slightly). Plaited bunches of bubbles are often more impressive than separate. In front of the party gate, hang some balloons. If you find that blowing bubbles takes too long, ask other parents for help.

Some games like treasure hunt are always a great choice. To ensure the safety of your baby, please note the scope of play. Let a few parents help ensure their children play safely.

Another game with balloons is also very interesting. Write funny ideas on small sheets of paper, then put them in a bubble before pumping. Let them sit one at a time until the bubble burst. They will then read the written request and follow the request.

Party ideas for babies, toddlers and kids to school

The ideal time to organize a party is before or after napping.

Take photos of the giver, or record your wishes or notes as to why they chose the gift for your baby. This is a cute fortune that she can later open and read messages from people.

Face painting game is also very interesting and is a choice for young children. Let your parents be creative in drawing on the faces of their angels.

Set up a table with tools such as glue, bristles, glitter, glitter stickers, and cut-out masks for kids to decorate.

For older children, they often like to dress up in a certain theme, like pirates, princesses, fairies, superheroes, beach clothes or cowboys. Let your parents join in and you will find yourself interested.

You can also ask each guest to predict the number of lollipops in the party. The most accurate prediction will be awarded.

For toddlers, a picnic with teddy bears always brings sweet moments. Parents always feel happy when they take off their unkempt bear’s head to see their child’s face. Let the babies transform into little cubs, and don’t leave little cubs in the party!

Drawing on t-shirts is also a very interesting activity. Ask your parents to bring a t-shirt. Place on the table at the party some colors and brushes, enticing the children to participate. If you do this at the beginning of the party, the shirt will dry up so the kids can take it home.

Please ask all children to bring a photo of their childhood. Spread the photos in the yard and ask them to stitch the pictures with them.

How to Massage Babies at Home Properly and Science

How to Massage Babies at Home Properly and Science

Massage for babies at home to note what?

Moment of massage for babies

At any time during the day, a mother can also massage her baby The best massage time for babies is when they are in need of relaxation such as after waking up in the morning from 9-10 hours.

Massage location for babies

Choose places where both mother and baby feel comfortable in bed. If you intend to put your baby on the floor in the summer, you should have a special diaper.

Massage room temperature for babies

The best room for infant massage is from 26 degrees C to 28 degrees C develop.

Massage time for babies

For children under 10 months old, the best massage time is from 3 to 5 minutes. Particularly for children from 10 to 12 months of age, the time for a baby massage will last from 7 to 10 minutes.

Mother diapers milk must be washed and cut nails before massage

Because infants’ skin is quite sensitive, mothers should make sure the mother has washed and cut nails before massaging the baby.How to Massage Babies at Home Properly and Science

Instructions on how to massage babies at home safely, properly

Warm a few drops of essential oil in the palm of your hand before massaging your baby.

Place baby’s hands between your palms, gently pull each baby’s fingers and massage.

Gently rub on the top of the baby. Then gently massage each of the baby’s toes and instep.

Massage your baby’s belly gently with one hand and clockwise, stimulating the digestive system to work better.

Gently place both mother’s hands on her chest, gently massage them around her hips, the middle of her chest and then slowly toward her shoulders.

Lay baby on his stomach and gently massage his back. The movement is almost similar to the baby’s chest area massage.

Benefits when massaging your baby

Massage creates a happy time for your baby: Massage is a special happy time for your baby. Because through the massage movements, gentle massage on the baby’s body will produce a hormone, especially Oxytocin. This hormone brings a warm, relaxing and stress-free feeling to your baby.

Infant massage offers many valuable benefits for the baby’s development. Massage can help your baby breathe more regularly, stimulate growth and countless other benefits that the mother has never known. Let’s find out about 10 miraculous benefits that massage brings to your baby:

Breathe even more: Newborns often breathe irregularly (sometimes fast – sometimes slow). However, because the skin is the largest organ in the body and contains many nerve endings, the impact massage on the skin also works to help the baby sleep well, breathing regularly.

Stimulate your baby to develop physically, intellectually and emotionally: Pediatricians have long asserted that babies who have skin-to-skin contact with their mothers have more developmental conditions, both physically, intellectually and emotionally.

Strengthen the brain: Studies show that when a newborn receives a massage, the nerve cells also develop. Because the brain develops quite quickly in the first year of life, it should be considered an ideal time to massage your baby.

Improve immune system: A study with 10-week-old babies showed that those who were regularly massageed by their mothers had less colds and diarrhea. Therefore, the baby is less mother massage means that the immune system is weaker. Mother’s touches on babies help stimulate the digestive system to work more effectively.

When Is Constipation an Emergency

When Is Constipation an Emergency?

At present, people have changed their lifestyle completely which also include their food habits. Thinking about their lifestyle, the majority of people show interest in fast food and junk foods. Due to these drastic changes in the food consumption later people suffer with severe health problems. One among them is constipation which may sound odd to hear but in real facts most of the people highly suffer with constipation problems.

While saying constipation you may think it is just a common issue, when it becomes severe only then people would sense that as a Problem. By hearing this the immediate question arises in people’s mind is whether constipation does have proper medicines? Is there any symptom for future health issues likewise there may be several doubts in mind. To clear all those questions you need to know some factors about constipation? What causes constipation and what is the best remedy for it? When you find answers for all these questions only then you can clear all other things.

Best stool softener for postpartum

Although, the postpartum constipation is a common one for all women after delivering a baby, when they look for medical treatment, then the experts would prescribe medicines in the form of tablets, stool softener, vaccines and lot more. In maximum range stool softener is widely used but when it comes to postpartum constipation new mom would have fear to use stool softener. It is mainly because not all stool softener would be kind enough to solve the postpartum issue so to make it simple here are best stool softener for postpartum constipation are listed below.

  • MiraLAX Powder Laxative
  • Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia
  • Dulcolax Pink Stool Softener
  • Colace Stool Softener

Miralax powder Laxative

This stool softener is a best product, as it creates a laxative effect by avoiding cramping, gas, urgency or sudden effect. These laxatives make the colon fill with water which in turn helps to soften the bowel movement that enhances comfort feel. Intake of this stool softener powder follows direction too, just take miralax powder for one serve and mix them with a glass of water. When the powder gets completely dissolved it is flavourless without giving out a gritty texture. Likewise you can make use of this miralax powder once every seven days.

Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia

If you are budget concerned, then this would be the best choice for usage and can be easily found in all online stores and drug stores. Similar to miralax powder, the milk of magnesia also fills the colon with water to make the bowel movement softer. But only think is this liquid stool softener provides fast relief thus when you have this liquid the result would be noticed within 30 minutes. To have a sooner effect you need to follow proper directions just take one or two caps of liquid, mix it with a glass full of water. Then drink the mixture throughout the day in a divided manner.

Dulcolax Pink Stool Softener

If you are searching for the best stool softener during pregnancy time or for postpartum, then dulcolax remains to be the wise option for purchase. Moreover, this stool softener remains to be the safest use for pregnant women. The ingredients used in the dulcolax pink ease your bowel movement and pregnancy easier. By having this you can notice bowel movement within 12 to 72 hours so you need not wait for long time to have relief experience.

Colace Stool Softener

Are you facing postpartum constipation and looking for a best remedy solution then colace stool softener would be a perfect choice for you to get great relief from postpartum. It is really an unpleasant issue for all new moms who gave birth to their baby either vaginal or ceaseran. If you need to get cured and have a comfortable feel from postpartum then make use of colace stool softener. As this stool softener is made of safe ingredients which are purely safe to use for new mom. In order to use them in an effective way people should follow the proper direction. These colace stool softener comes in capsule form, one capsule for each day is more than enough to experience great relief from postpartum constipation.

Thus all the above mentioned products are best stool softener for postpartum which is safe for all new moms. But only think is before using the above mentioned stool softeners or any other stool softener it is better to consult with your GYN or OB regarding dosage level.

What are constipation and its causes?

Constipation is a short term problem that can be get cured with home remedies but only thing is you need to be aware when it need emergency care and its causes. Constipation is nothing but when you have two or more bowel movement. The constipation offers occurs due to several reasons and factors which are listed below.

  • When you change your routine diet and regular activities
  • If you consume less fiber foods or the fiber content is less in your whole day food.
  • If you are not drinking enough water it may lead to dehydration, on further dehydration also lead to constipation.
  • In case if you are taking conditional treatments like diabetes, thyroid, hypothyroid, lupus and lot more then you would experience constipation.

Apart from all above reasons if people do not do proper exercise or if people have bowel disorder then they would have constipation problem.When Is Constipation an Emergency

Signs and warnings of constipation emergency

Although constipation is a short term problem at certain cases it becomes medical emergency in those cases it is essential for people to take medical treatment. Especially most of new mom struggle lot with postpartum constipation and keep on searching for better solution to cure. On other hand some people would confuse how to find when the constipation becomes emergency? It can be done only with certain signs and warning here are some of warning signs for emergency constipation are listed below.

  • Constant abdomen pain
  • Bloating
  • Blood in stool
  • Continuous vomiting
  • Unexplained weight loss

When you experience all the above symptoms then it confirms that you have constipation problem and gives a warning to take medical treatment in emergency case.

Surprise Child Finding Hope in Unexpected Pregnancy

Surprise Child Finding Hope in Unexpected Pregnancy

Every year, 3 million women find themselves pregnant at the wrong time—a time that interferes with a career, a settled family life, a new marriage, an education. Unexpected pregnancies account for 60 percent of all pregnancies, in fact, and they happen to women in every season of life. Yet the loneliness and confusion surrounding an unplanned pregnancy are rarely acknowledged.

In Surprise Child, Leslie Leyland Fields, who experienced two unplanned pregnancies in her forties, lyrically weaves her own story with the stories of other women who experienced the isolation so many face when expectations and plans are turned upside down to prepare for a child.

Together, these women walk with the reader month-by-month through the physical and emotional stages of pregnancy, voicing with startling honesty their own anxieties and struggles. Here, readers will find the companionship they need to journey from despair toward acceptance, hope, and readiness for new life.


Four years ago I walked into the bathroom, hand clenched around a white cellophane-wrapped stick. Three minutes later the bathroom door opened, and my face was white. In a tiny centimetered window no bigger than my fingernail a faint line slowly emerged, then solidified. It was the face of another human being—one I had not asked for. Surely my life was over.

Praise for Surprise Child

“Leslie Fields has at last dealt with an issue that deeply affects all of us regardless of race, culture or economic status. Sharing from her own personal experience as well as utilizing the experiences of others, Fields compassionately addresses the deepest feelings and concerns of those facing an ‘unplanned’ pregnancy. Surprise Child should be required reading for anyone who works or serves in a related counseling field or ministry and would be a tremendous benefit to current (or future) mothers and families everywhere.”

—Raul Reyes, president and executive director of Life Network

“I felt terribly alone when I faced my crisis pregnancy. I wish I had been able to read this book then to discover how many other women were facing this trauma—and overcoming! Leslie Fields makes it clear that, despite how overpowering our emotions make it seem, we are not alone and we are not trapped.”

—Heather Gemmen, international speaker and best-selling author, Startling Journey from Rape to Restoration